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Targetfour Mobile Service Desk Solutions

If you are looking for a new way to improve customer service from your field service engineers, while at the same time reducing overheads through streamlining business processes and increasing productivity, Targetfour can now extend your FrontRange™ HEAT service desk software to Blackberry Wireless Handheld Devices.

With Targetfour mobile service desk solutions for HEAT, calls can be displayed and updated directly via Blackberry handheld devices, giving mobile and service desk personnel quicker, more reliable access to customer problems and solutions.

Not just limited to use by Field Support Engineers, mobile service desk solutions can cater for a number of potential users. Customer Account Managers can be alerted of any new issues raised from their customers. Consultants working at customer sites can now record time spent on separate projects, providing a much greater degree of cost control.

Benefits of Blackberry™ Technology

With a Blackberry Handheld, mobile staff have all of the mobile communication facilities in a device which is robust, reliable and highly available. Blackberry technology offers key benefits over other handheld devices:

  • Secure outbound internet access to send data to GPRS transmitters
  • Compressed data transfer for quicker download
  • Greater security due to triple DES and AES encryption, no hard-drive that holds data permanently
  • Reliable 2-way push technology
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) application installation and data synchronisation
  • Remote password reset and data control by the system administrator
  • Durability
  • High user acceptance
  • Long battery life.

Advantages of Targetfour Mobile Service Desk Solutions

Targetfour mobile service desk solutions combine the advantages of Blackberry technology with efficient data transfer and integration, to provide cost-effective, secure and reliable mobile applications.

Targetfour mobile service desk solutions offer users:

  • Intelligent process-driven client software which keeps data synchronised on the device
  • The same security, reliability and usability already associated with email on Blackberry
  • Tailored solutions to fit customer requirements and application architectures
  • Rapid, cost-effective, risk-free development using modular components selected to suit your application

For further information and to discuss your requirements, contact our Sales office on 01344 762721 or email .

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