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HEAT PlusKnowledge Overview

Unleash the power of information

Information that is difficult to find is often under-utilised. Companies need to focus on fully leveraging their existing information assets and subject-matter experts. The keys to remaining competitive are increased productivity, improved customer service, ensured compliance with policies, and other operational efficiencies. These can only be achieved through complete access to your most important information.

HEAT Plus Knowledge helps you find the information you need, exactly when you need it, regardless of its location or structure. The HEAT Plus Knowledge solution allows you and your customers to search against multiple content repositories as needed. And its integration with HEAT Service & Support ensures that all of this information is captured and saved for later reference.

With HEAT Plus Knowledge you can:

  • Leverage information assets from diverse business units
  • Combine separate content repositories and various data formats in one system
  • Organise real-time information directly from its local source, without duplication
  • Explore structured and unstructured data concurrently
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