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Centennial Discovery

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Key features

Hardware and software asset management in one package - Discovery’s LanProbe technology can track every IP device on LANS, WANs and remote dial up connections.

Software audit and usage tracking - reconcile software usage against purchased licences; identify unauthorised, unused and out of date software; view inventories by manufacturer, product, version, frequency of use, licence compliance; inventories of local and network-accessed software by individual PC.

Physical location tracking - accurately and dynamically track the physical location of assets on your network.

Click on the image below to view the Asset Tracking demo

Multi-platform support – works across all major platforms; for system requirements and a list of operating systems supported by Discovery, see Discovery Fact Sheet for more information Spec.

Scalability and performance – reduce costs and complexity by managing audits for the whole of your organisation from a single server; report on only items that have changed since the last audit. Discovery uses compression and IP Transfer Agent to ensure lowest possible impact on network bandwidth. The secure communications feature (HTTPXferwan) in Discovery utilizes Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and is certified by security testing specialists, NGSSoftware, for use in public sector, military and high-security installations. Encryption is by the Blowfish algorithm with a 128bit random session key.

Configurable graphical interface – individual users can choose from 15 pre-configured reports covering areas such as licence compliance, asset availability, project planning and risk management, to determine how they view audit information. For example, you can view assets by manufacturer, device type, and location, among other options, and you can report in detail on assets by product, manufacturer, location, model number and type, to name but a few. Drill down and filter features are also provided.

Click on the screenshot below to try Discovery.Dashboard live!

Discovery Portal – access to an application database to provide detailed identification of software on your system.

Click on the screenshot below for a larger image.

Technical Specification
Product: Centennial Discovery
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