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Centennial Discovery

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Competitively priced, extensive auditing

Do you want to report accurately on all IT assets, achieve and maintain software licence and usage compliance, plan future IT needs with confidence, and reduce unnecessary costs?

Whether you are looking to increase the return on IT assets, assessing your network’s software vulnerability or dealing with service desk problems, Centennial's Discovery 2005 can help you manage costs and increase the effectiveness of IT by giving you immediate access to accurate information on all installed IT assets.

Discovery 2005 provides dynamic business level reporting as well as all the detailed, day-to-day operational information you need. You can see an overview of installed software and the configuration of every PC, through to an accurate and up-to-date record of the location of every piece of hardware on the network.

Discovery is licensed by node and competitively priced, particularly as the number of licensed nodes increases.

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Product: Centennial Discovery
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