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Product overview

Traffic Management is Key, the rush to develop and instrument network infrastuctures is driving intense growth in traffic management solutions, from nearly $1.1 billion in 2000 to a projected $1.8 billion in 2003, according to IDC in 2000. This growth is increasing the demand for knowledgeable field service engineers and network managers in the enterprise and service provider markets significantly. Network professionals must be experts on complex, multi-topology networks in order to keep their systems running 24x7.

So the question is:

  • How can network professionals effectively gain the knowledge to help them identify faults and troubleshoot outages quickly?

Sniffer Portable can help close the knowledge gap, by providing your network engineers with portable network analysis solutions for quick identification and resolution of network performance issues.

These solutions help IT professionals resolve the toughest problems across all Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) topologies, from 10/100 Ethernet to the latest high-speed Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Gigabit backbones. Real-time network analysis helps detect and resolve network faults and performance problems quickly. With Expert analysis capabilities that pinpoint the root cause of network, database, and application faults, Sniffer Portable is a top choice of network engineers worldwide.

Sniffer Portable runs on desktop, portable, or notebook PCs. It uses more than 450 protocol decodes, as well as powerful Expert analysis capabilities, to analyze network traffic and spot causes of downtime or slow response. It even has the power to analyze multi-topology, multi-protocol networks - automatically and in real-time.

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Product: Sniffer Portable LAN
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