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NSI Double-Take

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Product Overview

Significant new features in Double-Take V4.4 include:

  • Intelligent Data Compression
  • Email Notifications
  • Management Console Server Filtering
  • Web Software Updates
  • Improved performance and scalability

Improved Data Protection

  • Double-Take protects data in real-time, reducing your exposure to data loss from a full day's data to seconds or less
  • Disaster Recovery Protection
  • Up-to-the-minute offsite protection is an important part of a your business continuity strategy. Double-Take works efficiently over slower WAN links.

Reduced Downtime

  • Failover is fast and automatic. Your exposure to downtime is reduced or eliminated.

Multi-Platform Management

  • Double-Take provides consistent solutions for Windows NT/2000 and UNIX. All Double-Take products can be managed from GUI, Text
  • Based or Command Line Clients running supported platforms locally or remotely attached.

Cross-Platform Data Interchange

  • Data can be mirrored and replicated between your Double-Take machines running on different OS platforms (NT/W2K).

Enhances Backup Performance

  • By giving your existing third-party backup system access to open files, Double-Take improves backup reliability. In addition, the option of centralizing backup operations on the target server simplifies management, improves performance, and reduces cost of ownership

Select the amount of bandwidth you want to use

  • Double-Take for NT allows you to select the amount of bandwidth you would like to dedicate to replication. If you have a 128K link you can limit replication to a maximum of 64K reserving the remainder for standard network traffic.
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Product: NSI Double-Take

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