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NSI Double-Take

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How it works
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  1. Volumes and files on the source are selected for replication and then target server(s) and path(s) are selected.
  2. Double-Take compares source and target files and then synchronizes the differences at a block level
  3. On-going changes to selected files are captured for replication as they occur.
  4. Changes are transmitted continuously or per user-defined conditions, such as bandwidth limits or start/stop conditions
  5. Target receives and applies the changes to target volumes
  6. Target server monitors the source server and can initiate failover automatically or manually
  7. Failback releases the identity of the source allowing original source to rejoin the network
  8. The restore function returns current data back to original machine
Technical specification
Product: NSI Double-Take

Download available: Yes

NSI Double-Take datasheet available:
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Double Take for Virtual Systems
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