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Product Overview

Double-Take's patented technology is a step forward in high-availability and data replication. Continuously capturing and replicating changes at the byte level as they occur, Double-Take replicates user selected files or entire volumes from one or more source servers to one or more target servers over standard network connections. Double-Take's failover capabilities allow businesses to resume rapidly after a disaster or a system outage, with or without user intervention or the time and complexities of restoring from tape.

Licensing agreements with Dell, HP and IBM attest to Double-Take's best-in-class product design. These industry leaders selected Double-Take to protect data on NAS devices and servers.

Double-Take Benefits

  • Host-based, real-time replication without geographic limitations
  • Replicating changes as they occur at the byte level over any shared or private IP-based LAN, WAN or SAN, ensures that changed data can be protected nearly immediately and that an up to date replica can be made available in an instant if necessary
  • Application protection
  • Double-Take enables you to protect a wide range of enterprise applications such as Exchange and SQL.
  • Automatic failover for uninterrupted service
  • In the event of a primary server outage - planned or unplanned - Double-Take allows a secondary server to stand in with the push of a button or automatically, providing maximum availability to end users
  • Investment protection
  • Double-Take runs on your existing server and storage platforms, with no capital expenses associated with purchasing new hardware
  • Best possible protection at the lowest cost with an accelerated return on investment
  • Double-Take delivers extensive functionality that is typically offered only in high-end products, at a much lower entry price point. In most business critical environments Double-Take will pay for itself within months.

The only host-based software replication product to achieve Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter certifications, Double-Take has established itself as a leader and is one of the only replication products that can protect everything from servers to clusters to Windows Powered NAS environments.

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Product: NSI Double-Take

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