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NEO Series 2000
  • Up to 12 TB capacity*
  • 0-2 SDLT 220, SDLT 320, LTO-1, LTO-2, or DLT 8000 drives**
  • 26-30 slots
  • Expansion on demand


NEO 2000

Incorporating the third generation of Overland's expandable, modular robotics, the Neo 2000 features LiveSwap tape drives, remote fail-over, removable power supply and redundant robotics.

Each module has 26 DLT, 26 SDLT, or 30 LTO Ultrium slots and up to two drives. This gives you as much as 96 TB capacity and up to 3,456 GB/hour performance in an eight-module library that can operate as a single library. Drive technologies supported include DLT 8000, SDLT 220, SDLT 320, LTO-1 and LTO-2.

All operator controls are accessible through a touchscreen, graphical user interface. Web TLC, a remote library management tool embedded in Neo, enables the use of a standard browser to view the library and all its functions. Drives, power supplies, controllers and interface cards are all easily removed by the user with no special tools required.

*All capacity and transfer rates assume a 2:1 data compression ratio.

**LTO-1 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 1 and LTO-2 refers to HP LTO Ultrium Generation 2

Technical specification
Product: Overland Storage

Neo Series 2000 datasheet available:
Download the Neo Series 2000 Datasheet

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