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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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IBM TSM for Data Protection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases is a software module that works with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to protect a wide range of application data via the protection of the underlying databases management systems holding that data. Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases exploits the backup-certified utilities and interfaces provided for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informix. In conjunction with Tivoli Storage Manager, this module automates data protection tasks and allows database servers to continue running their primary applications while they backup and restore data to and from offline storage. (This same functionality is included in IBM's DB2 Universal Database package, allowing it to work directly with Tivoli Storage Manager without the need to buy any additional modules.) Regardless of which brand of database is used, Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases allows the centralized and automated data protection capabilities of Tivoli Storage Manager to be applied to up and running database servers.

Informix certified Data Protection for Informix provides centralized, on-line, incremental backup capabilities for restoring and managing Informix server databases and logical logs. It provides both parallel backup and restore and automatic backup of logical logs via the Informix ON-Bar utility. ON-Bar uses the X/Open Backup Services Application Program Interface (XBSA) to communicate with the Tivoli Storage Manager, where backups are stored.

Data Protection for Oracle, applies the centralized, on-line, incremental, and back-up capabilities, as well as the automated storage management function of Tivoli Storage Manager to Oracle databases using the Oracle8, Oracle8i and Oracle9i Recovery Manager (RMAN). The data may be stored on a wide variety of storage devices.

The Oracle Recovery Manager, RMAN, can perform:

  • Full or tablespace backup of a database while it is online or offline
  • Full database restore while it is online or offline
  • Tablespace restore while database is offline
  • Backups of archive log files
  • Block level incremental backup of changed database pages
  • Ability to use the "duplex copy" feature of RMAN 2.0 making it possible to send a backup to two separate storage tapes simultaneously
  • Optimize performance with tunable multi-buffer caching during backups
  • Synchronization utility to reconcile inventory between the Tivoli Storage Manager server and the Oracle catalog

Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server complements the Tivoli Storage Management product set by allowing users to perform on-line backups of the MS SQL databases to Tivoli Storage Manager storage. Data Protection for SQL Server features:

  • Full and transaction log backup support provided
  • Maintain multiple versions of your SQL database and transaction logs
  • GUI and command line interfaces to give you point-and-click ease
  • Support for Tivoli Storage Manager's automatic expiration and version control by policy, which frees users from having to explicitly delete most backup objects in the Tivoli Storage Manager server
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) support for fail-over
  • Differential backup/restore of SQL databases
  • Backup/restore of individual file groups and individual database files
  • SQL Data Striping for high performance
  • Restore to a standby SQL server
  • Restore to a different SQL server or to different physical file names
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Product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM TSM datasheet available:
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