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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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Is the growing combination of applications, hardware and platforms you're required to backup crippling your storage efforts? Your e-business relies on valuable data that collects in various mission-critical applications across your infrastructure. Every new application you bring online adds another degree of difficulty for your data storage operations, unless you have a comprehensive, centralized solution with broad support for industry-standard applications, hardware and operating systems.

The IBM Tivoli Application Protection solution supports a wide variety of today's business-critical applications--databases, ERP, mail and application servers--that must remain available 24x365. This gives you the peace of mind to know that your company's IT strategy will never be limited by its data storage capabilities.

In addition, online backups of IBM DB2, DB2 Parallel Edition (DB2PE), and DB2 Universal Database (UDB) can be backed up to the Tivoli Storage Manager server using the functions provided in the Tivoli Storage Manager API without additional software or licensing requirements.

Products included in this solution

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Application Servers
Safeguards WebSphere environments-administration database, configuration data and deployed applications-without affecting application availability

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases
Secures Informix, Oracle and Microsoft SQL data, no matter where or how it is stored

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Enterprise Resource Planning
Protects vital SAP R/3 system data more efficiently, consistently and reliably

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Hardware
Virtually eliminates back-up related performance impact on mission-critical databases that require 24x7 availability

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail
Secures Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange data, regardless of where or how it's stored

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Product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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