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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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IBM TSM for Data Protection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Hardware

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Hardware improves the data protection of your business-critical databases and ERP applications that require 24x365 availability. This software module helps IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and its other data protection modules to perform high-efficiency data backups and archives of your most business-critical applications while eliminating nearly all performance impact on database or ERP servers. This elimination of server performance impact is accomplished by coupling the FlashCopy® function of IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS - "Shark") with Storage Manager and its database protection capabilities for DB2, Oracle and SAP R/3 databases. The Tivoli Storage Manager for Hardware software module works with and requires both Tivoli Storage Manager or Tivoli Storage Manager Enterprise Edition and either of the other data protection modules--IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases or IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for ERP--to provide a "near zero-impact" data backup and archive process.

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Product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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