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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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Product Overview

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition

For more details please contact our sales team on 01344 762721 or email . Alternatively use our price configurator to obtain a quote.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition protects data from hardware failures, errors, and unforeseen disasters by storing backup and archive copies on offline and offsite storage. Scaling to protect thousands of computers running more than a dozen operating systems, ranging from laptops to mainframes and connected together via the internet, WANs, LANs or SANs, Storage Manager Extended Edition's centralized Web-based management, intelligent-data-move and store techniques and comprehensive policy-based automation all work together to minimize administration costs and the impact to both computers and networks. Optional software modules allow business-critical applications that must run 24x365 to utilize Storage Manager's centralized data protection with no interruption to their service. Optional software extensions also allow SAN-connected computers to use the SAN for data protection data movements, and provide Hierarchical Storage Management to automatically move unused data files from online disk storage to offline tape storage. Storage Manager Extended Edition expands on the data backup and restore, and managed data archive and retrieve capabilities of the base Storage Manager by adding, disaster planning capability, NDMP control for NAS filers and support for large tape libraries.

Disaster Preparation and Recovery

Local copies of data will not protect against a local disaster. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition facilitates the tracking of the additional copies of your active data that Tivoli Storage Manager creates for safekeeping at an off site location. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition also prepares and keeps up to date a text file with detailed recovery steps and automated computer-scripts--the "recovery plan". Should a disaster strike and destroy your storage and computers, this plan and the off site data copies will get your business back up and running quickly.

Core Functions

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager's Extended Edition core functions include: Data backup and restore, managed data archive and retrieve, disaster preparation planning and recovery, NDMP control for NAS Filers, and support for large tape libraries.

Capabilities beyond IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition works with the following software options and extensions: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Storage Area Networks, allowing SAN-connected computers to utilize this direct connection to storage for moving backup and archive data and the sharing of tape libraries between multiple Tivoli Storage Manager servers; Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management to automatically migrate unused data files from online disk storage to offline tape storage; and Tivoli Storage Manager for Data Protection modules for protecting the data used by business-critical applications that must remain up and running 24x365.

Attributes setting Tivoli Storage Manager apart:

  • Centralized, comprehensive management
  • Broad hardware support
  • Highly Scalable
  • Intelligent data movement
  • Intelligent data storage
  • Policy-based automation
Technical specification

Product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM TSM datasheet available:
Download the IBM TSM Datasheet

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