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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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IBM TSM for Data Protection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail is a software module for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager that automates the data protection of e-mail servers running either Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange. This module utilizes the application program interfaces (APIs) provided by e-mail application vendors to perform online "hot" backups without shutting down the e-mail server and improve data-restore performance. As a result, it can help protect the growing amount of new and changing data that should be securely backed-up to help maintain 24x365 application availability. For Lotus Domino databases, this module exploits the "transaction logging" feature of Domino, enabling the capture of just the database changes for logged databases. Thus, full database backups are not required as frequently as in previous Domino releases. For Microsoft Exchange, Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail supports both Microsoft Exchange server 5.5 and Microsoft Exchange 2000 server. It uses the backup APIs provided by Microsoft to create a copy of the Exchange server storage group along with the associated transaction logs. The module can produce the different types of backups specified by Microsoft backup APIs: Full Backups, Incremental Backups, Differential Backups, Copy Backups and Database Copy Backups. Whether used with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino, Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail allows the continued 24x365 operation of e-mail servers while performing data backups and restores.

Data Protection for Lotus Domino is a successor to Data Protection for Lotus Notes and takes advantage of significant changes in the Lotus Notes R5 server architecture. These include transaction logging for interactions with Notes databases as well as a new application program interface (API) for backup and recovery of Notes Databases

Data Protection for Lotus Domino helps protect and manage Lotus Domino Release 5.x Server data by making it easy to:

  • Implement centralized, online, incremental backup of Lotus Domino databases Maintain multiple versions of Domino databases
  • Archive Lotus Domino transaction log files, when archival logging is in effect
  • Restore backup versions of a Lotus Domino database and apply changes made since the backup from the transaction log
  • Restore Domino databases to a specific point in time
  • Recover to same or different Domino server
  • Expire database backups automatically based on version limit and retention period
  • Expire archived transaction logs when no longer needed
  • Obtain online context-sensitive, task, and conceptual help
  • View online documentation for Data Protection for Lotus Domino
  • Automate scheduled backups
  • Recover one or more archived transaction logs independent of a database recovery
  • Recover from the loss of the transaction log
  • Archive the currently filling transaction log file
  • Supports Lotus Domino "Individual Mailbox Restore"

Data Protection for Lotus Domino provides two types of database backup, incremental and selective, and a log archive function. Incremental backup provides a conditional backup function that creates a full online backup of Domino databases, when necessary. The specific conditions that determine when a new backup is necessary vary depending on whether the database is logged or not. Selective backup unconditionally backs up the specified databases, unless they are excluded from backup through exclude statements. When archival logging is in effect, changes to logged databases can be captured in between full backups, by archiving the transaction log.

Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server provides complete integration with Microsoft Exchange APIs by offering:

  • Centralized online backups (full, copy, incremental, and differential) of Exchange Directory and Information Stores to Tivoli Storage Manager server storage
  • Automatic expiration and version control by policy
  • Fail-over for Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS)
  • Parallel backup sessions for high performance
  • Automated transaction log file management
  • LAN-Free backup
  • Windows GUI
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange "Individual Mailbox Restore" in combination with Tivoli Storage Manager B/A Client and the Microsoft tool "ExMerge"
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Product: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM TSM datasheet available:
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